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Do web cam girls have information on visitors? Ever wondered what and how much they know about you?

Read on to find out…

The first attraction users have to live adult web cam sites is the erotic pleasures that come from being voyeuristic. This one human characteristic has lead to an explosion of web cam sites popping up all over the internet. The virtual aspects of having a relationship with Sex Webcams performers lets one explore wild fantasies and new facets of personality without the guilt. There is no fear of rejection present here. Many of the performers welcome the opportunity to get to know regular users a little better.

Although it is a virtual relationship, there are a few real life facts the girls know about you. Here are a few starter points:

Many adult cams do respect the privacy of their users. Real names and contact information is kept safe. This is not shared with anyone unless you chose to do so in a chat. These sites also are aware of your computer IP address that pinpoints your exact location on the planet. This goes as far as the city you live in. Many performers will ask a user what city they live in as a way to check credibility.

Performers are aware of how much you have in the site bank account. They can tell a difference between registered users and guests. They can tell if you have site credits to go into a personal chat room or not. They are also aware of how many credits you have spent on a particular visit to the site. This gives them an idea of whether or not you are a big spender and worth a little extra attention.

Another piece of information they have is who you chat with the most. Any personal favorites will be available in black and white on a computer screen. This information can carry over into other web cam sites as well. Cam girls maintain a strict inner circle in which they share information about users. Most of this takes place in private forums or performer chat rooms. Information shared includes the best and worst chat room visitors. Strive to be on the best list!

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