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Making the decision to become a web cam model gives you the luxury of choosing where you want to work and how often you want to work. Thousands of people join the ranks of working web cam models every day. You will more than likely have many questions like, How much do sex cams pay? How to become a couple on a sex webcam? well Follow the tips in this guideline to make a successful entrance into the world of web cam modeling with all your questions answered.

What does a Cam Girl do exactly?

A cam girl (or boys, couples, trannies, etc) is any person who has a webcam and chooses to broadcast herself online. At cams girls can earn money per minute for each guest which goes into private or group chat. Cam girls can do almost anything that they want while online though most visitors are looking for a sexual experience.

One of the first questions that people ask when thinking about becoming a cam girl is, “Do I have to be pretty?” The answer is NO! The people who visit cam girl chat rooms are looking for a real experience where they can connect with real people online for adult fun. That is why they are willing to pay per minute instead of choosing other forms of adult entertainment like pornography. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even if you aren’t the stereotype of beauty, a visitor may think that you are the most attractive person in the world! There are all sorts of cam girls including thin and heavyset cam girls, of all ethnicities, and all ages.

While you don’t have to be stereotypically “pretty” to be a cam girl or boy, there are some basic qualities that all cam girls/boys should have. You must be open minded, be able to connect with people online, have a fun personality, and be creative. This last one is very important because visitors are paying money to be with you and you want to make sure that they getting an enjoyable experience – whether it is through dirty talk, a risqué performance, teasing, role playing, or other adult fun.

What are the risks beign a Cam Girl?

As with any job, there are certain risks involved with web cam modeling. The first and probably most important one is your general nature. If you are shy and not easily open in new situations, this is perhaps not the right career choice for you. Likewise, if you hold a public office or do not want friends and family to come across your performance at any time, then you should not be considering web cam modeling. The odds of coming across someone you know in real life are minimal. However, the chance is out there. Everyone from your boss to your neighbor will more than likely venture online to take a peek at live adult web cams at some point in time.

Another risk is keeping your private life separate from your online sex cam performance life. This includes keeping private details such as your location, marital status and the like quiet. Although many of the viewers in your rooms are simply sex hungry voyeurs, there is the chance of a sexual predator lurking in the shadows. For this reason, you do not want anything you say to reveal your private life. This includes removing any identifiable features such as personal photos or posters from your studio area. This rule travels with you when in the performance area and when chatting in a room or via separate email conversation with viewers. Make sure to select an unidentifiable nickname that you wish to go by during performances. Never reveal your real name, address, telephone number or email address to any viewer. No matter how tempting the offers of gifts in exchange for a phone number or something else may be.

Am I qualified to stay a Cam Girl?

There is no basic qualification beyond being of legal age. Outside of this, you need to be someone that is comfortable with her body and her sexuality. This will translate in the performance field and rank high with your viewers. On a physical looks front, there is no body type that is shunned from web cam modeling. It is true that a majority of the models are physically fit and attractive by industry standards that do not close the door on other body types. Everything from mature to transgender and more are perfectly acceptable for web cam modeling. There is a niche category for everyone. These specialties do not have the largest revenue generation on a web cam site. However, they do have one of the highest fan bases. In many instances, this can generate more dollars than the average groups.

By all means, please do not hold your physical appearance against you. There will be the occasional rude viewer who will make an unfriendly comment. This sort of individual is present in every room on the site. The key to success is learning how to make your performance ability outshine your physical appearance. Regular viewers will return for an excellent performance over a flawed body type any day.

We are a couple, can we do this together?

This is perhaps the most common question for individuals looking to break into the web cam modeling business. Many sites do have specialty sections where viewers can watch couples engage in various sex acts and perform things on each other. However, these are typically not the highest wage earners on a web cam site. The main reason for this is a great percentage of web cam viewers are men. These individuals do not wish to see a couple engaging in sex. They wish to see a hot girl getting excited by the things he is telling her to do.

Another barrier to couples performing is a matter of stamina. It can be difficult for a man to perform sexually for a period of 5 minutes, be off camera for 10 minutes and then be called on to perform again.

If after all of this, you still wish to participate as a couple, please conduct solo performances as well. This will increase the amount of revenue you bring in. Couples are held to the same financial payment requirements to the site as single performers are. The only exception to this is lesbian couples that typically generate 10 to 20% higher rates than solo performers.

What Do I Need to Start Working as a Cam Girl?

It is relatively easy to get started as a web cam model. Start by setting up a performance place either in your own home or in a professional studio. This needs to be someplace where you will not be interrupted when you’re on camera. Nothing kills a mood faster than a child running into the room looking for mommy. It should also be a place where you feel comfortable expressing sexual movements and exploring your body. There should be no lighting issues or outside distractions in the area behind you.

Next up is gathering the necessary equipment. The higher quality equipment will shine through on camera. Providing high quality clear video feeds will result in you making more money from viewers. They will pay more for seeing everything you are doing without losing focus due to lighting or faulty equipment. Another added feature worth investment is a remote control. This lets you set the angles and zoom positions during a chat without stopping the activity. Video equipment will take a significant investment but it will definitely be money well spent in the end.

Another key piece of equipment is a quality microphone. This enhances communication with your audience during a performance. Also keep a computer keyboard and mouse handy so that you can maintain a chat with customers as well. Many users will be unable to voice a fantasy request out of shyness or fear of rejection. Add to this sex toys and an assortment of sexy outfits and you are ready to make fantasies come true.

Where do I signup?

With everything set and ready to go now you just need to find a reputable web cam video site. Every major web cam site offers a link on the home page, usually at the bottom of the page for new models. Look for the words “Become a Performer” or “Become a Cam Model”. Once you click on this cam performers link, some personal information will be required. A few sites require you to enter tax information as well. If at any time you do not feel comfortable providing information then simply stop the registration process. For a better feeling stick with the sites listed on Top Adult Cam Sites homepage.

Choosing the right site

Finding the right web cam site for you is going to take a little bit of research time. Each will offer individual advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to read the fine print offered on each one to find out details related to payment periods and how payments are received. Web cam sites are broken down into two different categories those with free chats and those without.

First let’s take a look at the free chat sites. Popular sites here are or livejasmin. Basically a free chat offers what is called teaser chats where the girls do all but show their goods to viewers. It is up to each individual user whether or not to take things one step further and enter into a private room chat. Once here, you can charge x amount of dollars per minute for the private show. In the public chat rooms, you will have to contend with viewers asking you to do all kinds of sexual things for no money. With a little  persuasion and persistence, you can turn these free loaders into regular paying customers.  

The second type of site is a member’s only nude chat. You spend the time online performing whatever viewers ask of you. They are free to come and go from your room at any time. The public viewing forum sets up lower than average pay per minute charges. The performances are back to back with very little rest time in between.

Another thing to consider is what you are paid and how easy it is to find customers. Industry averages provide 35% of profits to performers. There are sites that will pay more and there are sites that will pay less. The companies that pay more are smaller in nature and looking to establish a regular customer base. Your pay per show will be high but it might take time to establish regular paying customers. We highly recommend new models stick to big sites like, ImLive and LiveJasmin.

Here is additional information on these companies and links to their websites:
ImLive is a large site with hundreds of web cam models. Competition between models is fierce but there is plenty of room to secure a private room with a steady following. is another large site with an emphasis on teaser chats that lead into private chats. There is a loyal paying customer base here and an equal amount of freeloaders. Pay per minute rates is higher than average which will result in larger paychecks for you.

LiveJasmin boasts some of the most experienced web cam models in the industry. You can select from a variety of payment options. The expansive customer base makes it ideal for all web cam models. provides an untypical payout percentage of 40% with a weekly paycheck. Customer base is ideal not to mention the site name carries a reputable industry following. ICQ and Yahoo messenger provide unheard of online support for a web cam business.

iFriends is the highest generated traffic site online. This does not easily translate into easy money. It can take a considerable amount of time to turn casual viewers into paying customers.

WebCamClub is a newer site that is starting off small but projected to hit big. This is not a great starting point for new models but one to keep an eye on in coming months.

How much will I make?

Several factors play into exactly how much you will make as a web cam model. The main ones are the type of web cam site, the amount of time invested in performances and the quality of performances. As your customer base grows so will your paycheck. Satisfied return customers will give you favorable ratings which will bring in more customers as well.

Do not look to retire from your day job quite yet. The potential for big money is out there. Some web cam models earn around $2,000 per week while part time models see $50 to $100 per hour of performance. It is a service based business after all.