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About FetishGalaxy is the new website as it was launched in 2012 by the company behind and

Fetishgalaxy was initially launched to gather together the various fetish and specialty performers all over their network, but because of its rapid rise in popularity it has been evolved into an independent site, dedicated in bringing all one may need for their fetish needs: from the obviously present live chat to more advanced features, static content, guides, and news.

The website’s layout and functionality

The website is very well designed and easy to navigate. Although the site looks much more complex than the average cam site out there, it is fairly easy to use and the interface is very colorful as well what makes it even easier to navigate. On the left side, right below the logo placed side by side with quick links to the login and signup pages lies another pair of signup and login options: to make sure you notice that you have to join the site to really enjoy it.

What follows underneath is the category bar; listed under the “Get your fetish” you will find a really extensive and all-inclusive list of the various fetish categories offered on the site. There are many categories and subcategories, which range from the common ones such as BDSM (with subcategories like bondage, discipline, submission, and more), foot fetish, cuckolding, humiliation, and smoking, to the more niche oriented categories like machines, wrestling, pregnant, and medical.

Opposite to it you will find a little banner (which varies depending on which category you are on), and a box holding various tabs. On the homepage it shows a general preview, based mostly on the most popular topics. It becomes much more detailed when you choose a fetish category from the list.

After having selected a category, this box on the right side will act as your portal to that category. At the very top, below the category banner, you will find various tabs which give you access to the various pages dedicated to the specific category you are in:

  • Main – will basically refresh the current box, which also refreshed the 3 models listed, the videos you can watch; if there are more available, the articles (glossary) and the local spots will also be refreshed.
  • Live experts – This is the most important part of the site, as it contains the list of online and performing models for the category you have chosen.
  • Glossary – This page will show you various articles containing tips and guides about your particular fetish and its equipment.
  • Video on demand – Here you will find the complete list of available videos. As the page header says, these are on demand and are not free to watch.
  • Local spots – This page advertizes the various types of bars, clubs, communities, restaurants, shops, and rental services which provide are coherent and friendly to your chosen category. Available in many cities around the world.

The chat experience and models

The live fetish chat can be accessed from the live experts tab, as each performing host is considered an expert in their field. From the thumbnail list that appears on the tab, you will be able to see each performers’ name and age, rating (from members),  preview photo, HD capability, and type of chat they are in. review

Although there is no way to check the exact number of registered models, assume there are thousands of them because the whole ImLive and Sexier network is enormous. All in all, you can expect at least 250 models online at any time of the day (in total, of all genders and categories).

You may select one to chat with from the main live experts tab or from any tab from a particular category you have chosen. Keep in mind that there are various categories of chat, and as a visitor / guest you can only access the chat rooms of models who are in free chat or “Intro Session” on this site.

Other categories are:

  • “Private Session”, which is available to members only and costs a per minute price;
  • “Exclusive Chat” which allows you to have an exclusive one-on-one chat with your model – no peeking from other members is allowed;
  • “Sneak a Peak” allows you to peek inside private sessions at a lower cost – nobody will be able to see you and you are not allowed to chat (allowing you to chat would beat the whole purpose of peeking anyway).

Once you have chosen your model, just click on the photo to be taken to their personal chat page.

Membership and prices

To become a member, you will have to fill out a form asking your desired username and password; you will also have to provide an email address. You will then have to purchase your first credits package. You may choose between $25, $50, $75, and $100. One credit is equivalent to $1 (or £1/€1 depending on your payment currency).

Additional credits may be bought anytime using your preferred payment method. Most online forms of payment are accepted.

Each model sets her own price, which can vary from 1 to 5 credits per minute. The “Sneak a Peek” chat is the cheapest option, while the “Exclusive Chat” is by far the most expensive. Each on-demand video costs an average of 3 credits and gives you unlimited access to the video for an hour. features a “Frequent fuckers club”, which works exactly like the frequent flyers clubs they mock: for each purchase you make on site you earn miles. Your rank can range from Member, to Sexy Silver, to Sexy Gold, to Sexy Platinum. The higher your rank, the more special your benefits and treatment you receive. It’s a nice idea and helps to make you feel a bit more involved in the community.

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This site is definitely a must-visit for anyone who is interested in fetish: from the curious amateur to the die-hard veteran. The guides present on sites are all very interesting, and I had a good time learning something new. The videos are a bit overpriced and not really worth it. After all, spending $3 for a single video is pricey in general.

The quality of the video stream is quite low, and unfortunately there are not many HD performers available; the quality of the shows is very good though. Most of the performers are really experts in their field. New performers are listed as such because they are new to the site, not because they are new to their fetish.

Pricewise, everything is in the norm, though some can be a bit expensive in comparison to what they do.

3.8 rating